With Eyes Closed - The first studio album of Karina KozhevnikovaWith Eyes Closed - The first studio album of Karina Kozhevnikova
With Eyes Closed - The first studio album of Karina Kozhevnikova

Boplicity (Be-bop lives)

2. What is the thing called love

3. I didn't know about you

4. Bouncin' with Bud

5. I did't know what time it was

6. 'Round midnight

7. Robin's nest
    (When we are falling in love)

8. Lush life

9. Lazy

10. Five

Karina Kozhevnikova ....................vocals
Lev Kushnir .....................................piano
Andrey Dudchenko .........................bass
Dmitry Vlasenko ............................drums

Cover design .....................Dmitry Borisov
Photographs..................Luiza Gorshenina

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Lev Kushnir and Karina Kozhevnikova

Lev Kushnir and Karina Kozhevnikova

CD mastering engineer :

Alexander Burtman



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It is difficult to write about Karina not using epithets of excellence. It would be desirable to listen to her over and over. She never sings the same song equally, each version of a “worn out standard - always a discovery. Technical freedom with which Karina sings masterly passages is quite impressive. The warmth and soulfulness in her ballads is amazing. Though Karina is still a young musician, she's skilled enough to orientate herself in the labyrinths of jazz harmony and rhythm with her eyes closed. Her interpretations are always unique, irrespective of, how simple or complex is a song, if it's popular or not, fast or slow, - we are led only by her internal sight at the essence of jazz music. Karina closes her eyes, and all people - musicians and listeners, - appear absorbed in a musical stream, in which sounds of the double bass, piano and drums, mutually supplementing each other, are weaved with the voice of the singer and follow it. For it is impossible to remain indifferent...

The need to record this album has arisen for a long time as to me it seemed unfair that listeners have an opportunity to enjoy Karinas singing only in concerts. Besides, the material that was to be fixed for ourselves and for the musical community, which opinion we do not neglect, has been collected. It is the first solo album for Karina, therefore I aspired to show her talent in all its facets. Some song arrangements have been made especially for this record, some ideas were born in the recording studio.

You may hear in this album all that owned the minds of the musicians during the recording session. We were trying to expose music, which is in the mainstream of jazz, but at the same time original and unique, so another performing would be totally different. That is the way our music exists.

I would like to express my gratitude to all people who have assisted us with this albums release. First of all, these are fine musicians contrabass player Andrey Dudchenko and drummer Dmitry Vlasenko. Many thanks to Alexander Burtman for his partnership in the creative process, informal and interested attitude.

Lev Kushnir